smaller hammock feet copyMy name is Lindsay and I have dealt with various health problems for many years including migraines, constant fatigue and ongoing pain. I recently began to receive Renewing treatments and noticed immediate benefits, to my delight! I haven’t been able to read over 5 minutes at one time for many years because of the headaches it would induce. Since I started being Renewed, my headaches have substantially decreased and I am now able to read as long as I like. I feel a new world has opened up to me.

I have also noticed greater energy and decreased pain, especially in my back and shoulders. My massage therapist immediately noticed that my shoulders were looser and asked what I was doing differently. I told her about Renewing and she was impressed by the difference it seemed to have made in my muscle tension.

I am happy to report less back pain and am encouraged by the dramatic and ongoing benefits I notice from Renewing. I recommend it to everyone!


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