SureFooted Renewal is similar in many aspects to Reflexology, FootZonology, Foot Zoning, Zone Therapy, and other methods accessing the signals on the feet.  It is a highly advanced application, streamlined to be amazingly effective and easy to learn.

Here are some sample charts taken from the online renewing guides.

kidney renewal chart - renewists


Renewing has some very impressive features:

1. The online guides for instruction incorporate the latest technology.

  • Actual colored photos of the feet.
  • Both feet pictured on every chart.
  • Because they are computer-generated, moves are very precise.
  • All moves are color coded.
  • All moves are animated, showing students how to execute each move.
  • The formatting allows students to learn the method quickly because it is so well organized and precise.

2. Renewing is the only method that teaches technique in depth.

  • It allows students to feel and recognize signals almost immediately.
  • Students not only receive class instruction, but also extensive individual private training one-on-one with the instructor, which greatly enhances their ability.

3. Renewing treats each signal 3 different ways.

  • It (1) opens each signal, (2) clears, balances and energizes it, (3) then saves it.
  • Although renewing treatments are much more gentle because of the way signals are accessed, they penetrate to a deeper level.
  • Treatments hold longer because they are saved to the blueprint.
  • Renewists don’t get the typical big callous on their knuckle because of the superior way renewing opens the signals.

4. Renewing allows for medical interface when necessary.

5. It eliminates the side-effects present in most other methods.

6. It features new updated ways of accessing many of the signals and contains many highly advanced moves.

7. The Mental/Emotional System is extremely effective in assessing health challenges.

8. The Jumpstart Renew offers a powerful alternative for those who are short on time or don’t know the full renew.

9. Renewing is always done with both hands on the client, transmitting energy directly to the blueprint.