If you’re interested in certifying as a Renewist, look below to see the advantages of Renewing. Almost anyone can learn, and the benefits to family and friends will last a lifetime, with deep satisfaction to yourself. An hour of practice a day for 8-10 weeks is all it takes! SureFooted Renewal is the most advanced method currently available – and also the easiest and quickest to learn.

Cost-Effective Only $2,500 for the complete course. Less than half the cost of learning most other methods.
Highly Accelerated, Advanced Course Because of the precision built into the method, students easily master all relevant materials in 8-10 weeks. Includes four 12 to 18-hour classes, compared to 11 months in traditional methods. Yet students graduate much better qualified and fully competent to assess and execute all moves.
State-of-the-Art Materials Superior, colored diagrams of the feet feature actual photos, color-coding, video clips and detailed explanations. All foot charts are fully anitmated! Course materials are presented online for convenience, cost-effectiveness and ease

of updating; but most of all for greater precision, clarity of learning and in-depth training.

Increased Comprehension Sequence order and exectution of moves have been altered to give more balanced and effective treatments. The learning process is greatly enhanced because the method is more logical and is therefore more easily remembered and executed.
Emphasis on Technique All moves are executed in a way unique to SureFooted.  Both hands are used throughout the treatment for greater balancing. Students are specifically taught how to locate and assess each signal on the feet and then to open, correct, and save them.
Individualized Instruction Class size is limited to 1-3 students to provide for individualized one-on-one instruction. Because of the ongoing attention to each individual’s technique and precision, students learn so effectively that they feel and recognize every signal confidently by the end of the second class.
Improved Results By graduation a Renewist can execute all moves confidently and effectively from memory. There is no following along in a book as there often is for months with other methods. The treatments themeselves are also more effective. Clients consistently report that Renewing is more gentle, yet it goes deeper and resolves more issues. Treatments also hold longer and give better balance without side effects.
Interface with Medical Profession Renewing strengthens the body to heal itself. Medical science provides what the body is not strong enough to do for itself.

Because there is a place for both applications, they work comfortably together.

Great Support System After graduation ongoing support classes are offered two or three times a year. An Annual Retreat is also held for all Renewists, where they recertify for another year and receive updates, new materials, and enrichment. Renewists love this time spent together!

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